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Civil / Commercial Litigation

We Speak Softly, But Carry a Big Stick

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Experienced Civil & Commercial Litigation Lawyers for Singapore

Armed with a strong dispute resolution practice, Trident Law has acted and continues to act for a wide range of local and foreign companies, business houses and individuals with their civil and commercial disputes. We have represented parties in civil litigation matters such as:

  • Libel, Defamation and Malicious Falsehoods
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Medical Negligence
  • Applications under the Protection from Harassment Act
  • Tribunal and Disciplinary Board Hearings
  • Intellectual Property
  • Employment Matters
  • Common Law Actions for Negligence
  • Personal Injury Matters
  • Arbitration
  • Judicial Review

The three pillars to our tenacious and rigorous approach to Dispute Resolution can be summarised as follows:

Strong Litigation Competence

Litigation is a key area of practice in Trident Law. Unfazed by sheer hard work, our commercial insights and rigorous devotion to strategy help us to achieve favourable outcomes in civil litigation in matters ranging from unfair dismissal to shareholder disputes. Do read on to see how our litigation lawyers have dealt with some cases.

A Victim to a Victor

Our client was removed as a director of a company. He had been a shareholder of the company for more than 40 years. The majority shareholders offered our client a sum for the purchase of his minority shares which our client rejected. The majority shareholders then diverted the business of the company to another company solely owned by them.

We applied for an urgent injunction leading to the majority shareholders doubling their offer price for our client’s shares.

Securing Compensation from Client’s Former MNC Employer

In another case, our clients were sued by their former MNC employer for breaches of confidentiality, theft of confidential information, restraint of trade and solicitation of the former employer’s clients when they left to join a start-up competitor. To compound matters, the former employer wrote damaging letters to industry players about our clients.

After Thiru demolished the former employers’ case during cross-examination, the High Court awarded judgment to our clients. Our litigation lawyers followed up with a 2nd phase attack for defamation and malicious falsehoods, resulting in the former employers paying substantial compensation without our clients having to commence a law suit.

A Holistic Approach to Dispute Resolution

While we commit to the tenacious and rigorous pursuit of our client's interest, we do not always propose highly acrimonious and costly tooth and nail litigation in Court.

At Trident Law, we strongly believe in working towards favourable outcomes for our clients. Whether mediating between business partners or resolving shareholder disputes, we seek to provide our clients with comprehensive and practical solutions. We pride ourselves in “wading into the trenches” and advancing our client’s key interests by crafting well thought out and often novel solutions to resolve their problems in the most cost-effective manner with as little collateral damage as possible.

Sued by Former Employer, Case Dropped Without Trial

Our clients were unjustly sued by their former employer, a highly specialised technological wafer fabrication company for restraint of trade, theft of confidential information and solicitation of clients.

Delving deep into our clients’ business and the technical aspects of the confidential information, we left no stone unturned to find evidence to defend our client. Woven together with other contractual arguments, we succeeded in resolving the matter favourably with the former employer dropping the case without our client having to engage in commercial litigation proceedings.

Client Paid Less for Shares after Trident Law Acted

Our client, sued for oppression of a minority shareholder, had previously offered to purchase the minority shareholder's shares. However, our client's offer was declined.

We devised a novel way for an objective valuation of the shares. This led to our client paying far less than the amount he previously offered to the minority shareholder.

Operational License Renewed Thanks to Trident Law

The authorities refused to renew our client's operational license. After commencing Judicial Review proceedings, we engaged in discussions with the regulator. Noting the concerns of the regulator, we suggested novel solutions for our client to adopt to address the regulator's concerns. Our client's operational licence was renewed.

Construction Firm avoided High Costs of Trial with Mediation

Our client was a construction company specialising in underground piping works. After completing substantial sections of the work, our client's contract was terminated for convenience. Instead of being paid for work done, our client was hit with hefty back charges. The main contractor disputed the actual work completed by our client and further claimed that the work completed was not in accordance with the specifications.

The matter was scheduled to go for trial in the High Court. However, our careful review of subsidiary documents disclosed by the main contractor led to collateral evidence of the actual work completed by our client and also its compliance with specifications. This led to a resolution during mediation, avoiding the high costs of a trial.

Commercial Litigation Risk Management

Over and above our advocacy in Court, we have also given our clients strategic and pre-emptive planning advice to avoid or reduce litigation.

Our advice covered the preparation of the appropriate contracts and agreements, implementation of proper compliance structures, civil litigation risk management and overall strategic long-term planning.

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