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Adjudications under the SOP Act

Cashflow is foremost in the minds of construction companies. However, payments are often delayed by significant periods. Payments received can be reduced (significantly).

Many go to court or arbitration to recover payment. However, court proceedings or arbitrations can be costly and lengthy. Some take matters into their own hands. At its worst, these can lead to damaging consequences.

At Trident Law, we have significant experience in the various dispute resolution processes unique to the construction industry. Well versed in adjudications under the Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (the ‘SOP Act’), we help you resolve your disputes in a quicker and less burdensome manner.

The advantages of SOP applications

In recent times, adjudication under the SOP Act has emerged as an alternative dispute resolution process which is very quick (3 weeks from start to end), compared to the traditional methods.

However, not everybody can understand or apply the procedures under the SOP Act. Often, this can be treacherous for inexperienced applicants. Mistakes can be costly with little room for error.

Why make your SOP applications with Trident Law?

Trident Law is well versed with the myriad of issues arising under the SOP Act, and can advise firms in navigating these issues.

See how Trident Law helped some of our clients get paid for the work that they had completed.

Improving a Plumber's Payment Pipeline

We acted for a sub-contractor who did plumbing works for 4 projects for a main contractor. Despite the sub-contractor liaising with the main contractor for almost a year, the sub-contractor was unable to receive payment for its payment claims for all 4 projects.

Justin Tan assisted the client in commencing adjudication proceedings under the SOP Act for these projects and recovered a substantial part of our client's claim within 1 month.

Fast but Tricky - Over $1million awarded

Acting on behalf of a subcontractor who had a payment claim in excess of $1 million, Justin Tan successfully argued against the main contractor's contention that our client's adjudication application was premature. Our argument on the law was accepted by the Adjudicator who awarded our client the entire claim of a seven figure sum.

Construction Litigation - Defects, Delays and Damages

Trident Law has advised and continues to act for a number of employers who are confronted with significant defects in the construction works and/or with delays in the completion of their projects. We work closely with experts in assessing the root cause of these defects and delays and also in the quantification of the damages.

If birds take to flying in the air, then Trident Law takes to litigation like eagles. Working with our clients to amicably resolve disputes, we are more than able to assist clients in litigation when all else fails.

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