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Breadth of Experience, Depth of Understanding

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Corporate and Commercial Lawyers for Businesses in Singapore


Breadth of Experience, Depth of Understanding


Legal Consultants for Companies’ Corporate and Commercial Matters


To succeed in corporate and commercial legal work, you need more than just legal expertise. Having a firm grasp of the realities of the commercial world is often more, if not equally important. Drawing from our lawyers’ vast and diverse experiences from numerous industries and practice areas, Trident Law is well placed to assist you with the breadth and depth of your corporate legal needs. Working together with you, we can help your business soar to new heights while navigating the business legal framework.

Mergers & Acquisitions

When acquiring a company or a business, it is important for acquirers to ensure that reality meets expectations. Often, a thorough and thoughtful due diligence exercise is crucial and necessary.

Through due diligence exercises, we can uncover any concealed landmines. Doing so also ensures that relevant intercorporate and shareholder agreements, warranties and undertakings are customised to protect the interests of the acquiring party. While we are based in Singapore, our corporate and commercial lawyers have acted in several significant acquisitions and divestments both local and abroad.

Bespoke Agreements

Occasionally, businesses and companies may have unique and distinct legal requirements. Equipped with experience and know-how, we can assist you with drafting bespoke agreements that support the aims of your business. Our substantial experience includes the drafting of bespoke agreements touching on various aspects of collaboration between corporate entities in the hospitality, logistics, medical, entertainment, financial, and IT industries. In many cases, a bespoke shareholders’ agreement can provide additional security and protection for the members of a corporation. Trident Law can ably facilitate in the preparation of these documents.

Regulatory and Compliance

Apart from structuring deals, Trident Law also boasts a strong regulatory compliance practice.

We have continually advised clients on various aspects of regulatory compliance. They include but are not limited to the Securities and Futures Act, the Remote Gambling Act, Public Entertainments and Meetings Act and the Companies Act.

Crisis Management

Trident Law also does crisis management for our clients, be it for suspected internal fraud and/or regulatory breaches. We assisted clients in conducting internal and/or departmental inquiries and helped them deal with relevant regulatory authorities.

That's not all. We are also known for our holistic, unconventional, and creative approach in this arena.

SME Retainer Arrangements

Trident Law also has a growing number of Retainer Arrangements with Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

Working almost like in-house legal counsels, our lawyers will invest time and effort in understanding your business methodologies and philosophies. Doing so helps us ensure that all legal advice given is pragmatic and commercially realistic from the word "go". The Trident Law Retainer Arrangements also provides for a fixed legal budget for our SME clients.

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