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Sensibly sensitive lawyers to help tackle the difficult topic of Divorce

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Matrimonial disputes like divorces can be painful, emotionally taxing and sometimes even acrimonious.

Divorce cases in Singapore can sometimes become complicated, especially when emotions run high. At Trident Law, our lawyers mindfully calibrate our approach to individual cases and pride ourselves in being “sensibly sensitive”. By guiding our clients in assessing each and every case, our divorce lawyers can help you avoid situations where parties fight unnecessarily or contest issues blindly. Blinded by their feelings, they may be throwing good money after a bad or needless cause.

Experienced across the range of family law related matters, our divorce lawyers guide our clients towards clean and clear resolutions. Where necessary, we wield the Big Stick.


Divorces are inevitably an emotional minefield. Many challenges are involved during a marital breakup. It is almost inevitable that as feelings run high, issues may be confused with one another during the divorce process.

This is where Trident Law comes in. Guiding you through the entire legal process (whether contested or uncontested), our divorce lawyers will advise you on the necessary negotiations, preparing and attending mediations, or hearings in court. Throughout the process, we offer sound practical advice to ensure that your rights are protected with needless fights avoided.

Other Family Related Matters

Apart from divorce, our lawyers at Trident Law are experienced in managing a broad range of family law issues. They include the division of matrimonial assets, custody and care and control of children, maintenance, as well as applications against domestic violence.

Legal Protection from Harassment

Nobody likes to be stalked or harassed - but that doesn't mean you have to suffer in silence.

At Trident Law, we act quickly to protect your physical and mental well-being. By employing the full arsenal of remedies available under the Protection from Harassment Act 2014, we help you to sleep better at night.

Case Example – Cyber Stalking, Cyber Bullying & Cyber Trolling


Our client, who was in a foreign jurisdiction, was subject to various acts of harassment from the respondent in Singapore. The acts of harassment that our client suffered over a sustained period included cyber stalking, cyber bullying and cyber trolling. These acts of harassment eventually extended to our client's family members. It got so bad that our client had to isolate herself from all social media and social activities.

Within a short period of engagement, Justin Tan studied and examined significant volumes of evidence on behalf of our client. He subsequently lodged applications under the Protection from Harassment Act ("POHA") and acted to protect our client from further harassment.

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